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4 Ways That Managed IT Improves Your Business

Unfortunately, too many businesses don’t treat their technology like the valuable investment that it is. When properly utilized, technology could be the tool that takes your operational success to the next level. We want to be there to ensure that happens for you. 

With our Managed IT service, you are sure to receive the best service with solutions meant to build upon and improve your current situation while also preparing for where the future might take you.

1. Increased Productivity

Our Managed IT is proactive, where critical systems are monitored and maintained preventing any sort of interruptions, and optimizing productivity.

Successful businesses recognize the importance of maintaining uptime because downtime costs money. Many companies understand the consequences of a computer crashing or their network going down, and how it affects their team’s productivity and ultimately their bottom line. However, managed IT can increase your business’ productivity in more ways than keeping your workstations up and running.

For example, while spam may seem innocuous, it can have a significant effect on your team’s productivity. Not only is spam a vehicle for ransomware, but your team may spend a considerable amount of time sorting through it. We can reduce this wasted time by filtering out the spam, preventing it from ever entering your company’s inbox. Spam filtering can also reduce the chance that a phishing email or other threats slip through. 

Managed IT protects your system from going down, removes potential threats, and increases productivity through smarter technology solutions.

2. Expert-Level Support

There are always unforeseen disasters or disruptions that a business will have to face and with that struggle will always come the associated financial loss. Far too often, a business is not properly prepared, making matters even worse when a crisis event does happen. 

When it comes to the technology your business depends on, a sudden disruption should be out of the question. Unexpected downtime (regardless of what the cause was) will end up costing your business.

Managed IT is designed to prevent a lot of this trouble in a variety of ways. The primary method we employ is 24/7 remote monitoring and maintenance (RMM) which ensures your systems are always stable. 

3. Economy of Growth

Not only do you want to have today’s latest and greatest IT solutions for your business, but you’ll also want to be prepared to incorporate any new advancement too.

When working with us, you don’t have to worry about your business outgrowing your technology or any surprise costs that may be associated. As part of our service, you’ll work with a virtual CIO (vCIO) to budget out your IT. The vCIO will give you as much notice as possible before it becomes necessary to upgrade your systems.

The vCIO takes as much time is needed to fully understand your business and where you want to take things, providing expert advice on how to get there.

4. East to Budget Service Fees

Your team is your most significant business investment, and the more experienced they are, the more valuable they are to your organization. 

Hiring full-time, high-level IT technicians can be an expensive endeavor for your business. Working with us allows your business access to industry-leading experts at a fraction of the cost. 

We offer predictable monthly costs, allowing your business to manage expenses better because you know exactly how much your technology budget will cost. Moreover, we will provide you the clarity and flexibility to invest in what areas will best benefit your business.

Is Managed IT Right for Your Business?

If you have relied on the break-fix method to maintain your technology, chances are you’ve haven’t experienced the best-in-class service we offer. Waiting for the tech to break before you act can lead to major financial setbacks. When your team can’t work, your business can’t generate income. While the break-fix method of maintenance may have made sense in the past, that was in the days before business became so dependent on tech.

For example, if you’re relying on the break-fix method, a ransomware attack would have already taken your systems offline before you could even contact tech support. As you could imagine, waiting until the malware has taken root before you’re able to act limits your ability to recover lost data and get back to business. Managed IT on the other hand provides the monitoring necessary to put your organization in a better position to intercept a cyberattack before it has any time to access to your company data. 

Managed IT combines a variety of technology services into one comprehensive, affordable solution.   

Interested in our Managed IT service?

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