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Refer KT Connections

How Referrals Work

Refer a business to our services and receive a reward. Provide us with the company
representative’s name and contact information, and get paid – It’s that easy!

We always encourage our clients to recommend our services to others. One reason for this, of course, is that we want to grow our business. Another reason is that we want to improve the local community and beyond. The appreciation for a referral is more than just a simple thank you, but a gift of gratitude. We offer rewards for every client that helps our business development and network.

*There is absolutely no limit on the number of referrals you can give.

$25 Gift

You can receive a $25 Amazon gift card for any “qualified” lead. Qualified simply means that we delivered a formal quote for a sale.

$250 Gift

You can receive a $250 Amazon gift card for any referral that signs a Managed Services agreement including 10+ employees.

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