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3 Benefits of Cloud Solutions

    The cloud has become ubiquitous in the business environment and has saturated all areas of our professional lives. However, despite the pervasiveness of the cloud, many businesses are not using it to its full potential.

    We make the most out of the cloud to increase productivity and your bottom line. 

    Table of Contents

    Save Space and Reduce Costs

    One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is that it provides businesses the means to reduce their physical footprint by eliminating the need for onsite physical servers. When you transfer infrastructure to the cloud, you often free up the physical space otherwise needed to store them.

    Keeping all this centralized hardware onsite is expensive and labor-intensive. For example, you need to keep your server room cool and monitor the humidity, and you need to invest in physical security to prevent unauthorized access to that hardware.

    As virtual servers don’t have to be stored on-premises, investing in one can reduce your overall office expenses. Some additional benefits of transitioning to a virtual or hosted server include:

    • On-demand expansion
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Timely upgrades
    • The ability to move and migrate if needed
    • Accessible backups and security
    • Digitizing documents

    Compliance Ready

    The need for physical storage goes beyond server rooms. It’s fair to say that many businesses, especially those long-established, have file cabinets of paper documents. For example, if you’re a medical center, chances are you are storing patient records in file cabinets. Not only do these documents take a lot of space, but the longer you’re in business, the more area you will need to store them. Moreover, paper documents can be at risk of being damaged or destroyed. Additionally, some industries—such as legal and accounting—require you to maintain records for a specific amount of time, often years. It isn’t difficult to imagine how much storage will be needed to retain and secure what could be decades of documentation.

    By taking advantage of our cloud solutions, your business can significantly reduce the storage you need to keep your documents. For example, an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) solution eliminates the costs of maintaining paper transcriptions and allows patient information to be sorted, displayed, and shared.

    Providers see benefits immediately, especially when multiple practitioners will see a patient in one visit. Transferring your patient records to the cloud allows you to save considerable space, increase productivity, and better adhere to HIPAA compliance – all of which can increase patient satisfaction. While transitioning to the cloud can seem easy enough, there are quite a few steps to consider before taking the plunge. The chances are high that your business will benefit from investing more resources in cloud services. However, it isn’t a decision you should take lightly.

    We can help you decide which cloud solution is right for you.

    Advanced Microsoft Cloud Integrations

    Microsoft offers a wide variety of cloud-based solutions and while most of your team are familiar with Microsoft 365, that is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Designed to offer turnkey cloud-based solutions for your business, Microsoft has embraced cloud computing. Microsoft is committed to making it easy for you and your team to access the tools they need to complete the tasks at hand. Some services Microsoft cloud solutions offer:

    • SharePoint: Improve collaboration & mobility for your team with a shared online environment.
    • OneDrive: Secure file storage and collaboration capabilities for most Office formats like Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, and PowerPoint Presentations.
    • Azure: Microsoft’s highly customizable cloud computing platform brings a wealth of features to your organization, including file storage, security, analytics, database management, and a lot more.

    Microsoft’s cloud solutions offer the most bang for the buck for small to medium-sized businesses to access, manage, and leverage how their team communicates collaborates, and remains competitive.

    As a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we can make sure that your business is set up with the best tools for the job.