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Protect your business with our team’s best-in-class management and monitoring services. We detect, protect, and keep your systems running and prevent threats as soon as they arise. A secure network is essential. Without it, hackers or intruders could easily obtain access to your critical and confidential information. 

With new threats developing every day, how do you stay ahead of the risk and keep your business safe?

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Network Security

Maintaining a proactive approach to your network security involves more than just buying and setting up a piece of hardware or software solution. If you care about your institution’s cybersecurity, you will benefit greatly from a professionally managed, highly secure network.

With the help of our proactive measures, the likelihood of an attack is greatly reduced and the remediation time will see significant improvements.

Next-Generation Firewall

Firewalls play a fundamental role in protecting your network activity including the flow of sensitive data. With our firewall service, you get access to industry-leading security with full visibility and threat protection. 

We will manage an effective operation through administration, monitoring, and maintenance of your firewall infrastructure. As part of this service, we establish, maintain, and modify as needed – deploying firmware updates, application control settings, web content filtering, and access policies. 

Designed with the security needs capable of supporting enterprise-level corporations, a next-generation firewall is a unique tool that combines many security features into an all-in-one solution. 

FORTINET FortiGate Firewall

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

As part of our cybersecurity services, we will monitor and manage multiple aspects of your network infrastructure to ensure a strong security posture by responding early to alerts and signs of malicious activity.

We will also provide frequent software patching and updates, keeping an eye on all your application resilience. 

Cybersecurity Q&A

Discover the answers to some of the most common cybersecurity questions we get asked including ‘How important is cybersecurity to the future of my business?’

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Email Security Solutions

91% of all cybersecurity attacks occur through email. 

Protect the integrity of your business by preventing hijacking and unauthorized emails on behalf of your domain.

Email Spam Filter

Prevent emails infected with viruses, malware, and other potential threats from entering your network. Our comprehensive spam protection solution is the perfect cost-effective way to handle the threat of email phishing scams.  

By utilizing our hosted email solution, you can minimize spam without needing to install any new software. Using intelligent filtering, nearly all malicious emails are instantly blocked from ever reaching your inbox. Think of our email spam filter as a mini firewall for your business email, protecting you from viruses, phishing scams, and more. 

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Email Encryption

When it comes to securing your business assets, it’s always a good idea to take a multi-layered approach. We’ll safeguard your critical information from a data breach, ensuring that the message is received by only the party for which it was intended. 

Email encryption allows your team to be more productive with a secure, compliant communication solution. Protect inboxes, detect, and prevent email traffic threats while enforcing policies to secure user data. 

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