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4 Benefits of a Password Manager

While technology promises to make our lives easier, and it generally does, every new website, application, game, etc. that we sign up for is just another password we have to remember.

The average person has close to 190 different passwords just for work. A password manager stores and manages your online credentials keeping them safe and secure but allowing you to easily find them. 

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More Secure Business Accounts

Your small business needs a professional-grade password manager for this reason and many like it. You can’t afford all the excess time it takes searching for passwords in drawers, pulling every employee away from what they’re doing to try and find the correct credentials.

Further you need a password manager to help you to create secure passwords that aren’t easy to guess and are different for every account/login. Your business accounts hold a lot of vital and confidential information so utilizing a password manager is a great way to create and securely organize your many passwords. 

On-Boarding Made Easy

One of the biggest problems small organizations face is keeping their operations properly managed. One big hindrance for many is the onboarding process for new employees. 

When you hire a new person for a role, whether it’s filling an old one or creating one from scratch, there’s a lot that comes with ensuring that person is properly suited. There’s training on the equipment, workplace etiquette, dress code, and of course passwords and logins for all the applications and tools your company utilizes. 

When it is passing along login credentials to a new employee there are many things that can go wrong. For example, you may forget the password or email to a certain tool (maybe you have auto sign in set up on your computer, but the new employee may not have that luxury. Since you hadn’t needed those credentials since you first started there, you may not even remember what they are. 

Where do you go to find them? Many resort to digging in their desk cabinets to find a note they left for themselves, but sometimes those notes get lost, damaged, or even thrown away. Worst of all, this method is not secure!


With a password manager everyone in the organization can be set up with a login and multi-factor authentication the day they are hired and beset with every password they will ever need for the job.

To get started they will simply download a dual-factor authentication app on their phone and set up an individualized “master” password to login into the organizational password management tool. This ‘master’ password is the only password you or your employees will need to remember as your manager will have all other passwords in a ‘vault’ that once accessed you can utilize for your various sites and accounts. 

Help with More than Just Passwords

With a password management tool, you can store more than just passwords. You can also store security questions and answers, hints, and other important information and notes. In case your account is locked, your password expired, etc. having this information on hand can save you a lot of time and stress. 

It’s better to act now than wait until a data breach occurs to get ahead with the proper security measures.  A password manager should be a standard business practice and is well worth the extra cash and set up time to get put in place. 

If you need help choosing the right password management tool or setting one up, we can help you, and with more than just passwords. We’ve helped many businesses to improve their overall computer and network security to maintain better, more efficient, and safe operations. Get in contact with us today to learn more about our services.