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5th & Main

Client Profile

Since 1922, Freed’s has been providing their customers with services for the home and business, including window treatments, flooring, furniture sales, and design services. Now, they have multiple locations that serve the needs of their customers, as they remain committed to their promise of providing excellent customer service.

The Problem

Sometimes, life can throw a wrench in things – a lesson that the folks at 5th & Main learned the hard way when a fire was discovered in their building.

On July 13th, 2017, a fire started in the building of what is now 5th & Main (previously known as Freed’s Fine Furnishings). Sadly, the entire building’s interior was lost in the blaze. The staff of Freed’s knew that they needed to reach out to their customers and stay on top of the situation. To accomplish this, they needed assistance.

The Solution

KT Connections quickly sprang into action, helping the staff to set up computers and phones at a temporary location, allowing them to communicate with their customers and update them on the situation.

Next, KT Connections assisted the people at Freed’s with rebuilding their phone, data, cabling, and sound technologies, centralizing their network, and setting up their permanent location (5th & Main).

KT Connections has since improved upon 5th & Main’s processes, providing them with the technology needed to deal with customers daily. Further, KT Connections has assisted 5th & Main to remain compliant with various government regulations and improve their overall resistance to IT security vulnerabilities.

The partnership between KT Connections and 5th & Main has led to more secure and efficient operations.

“KT Connections is great at figuring out the right solution for our business while providing the expertise necessary to get the job done.”