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Black Hills Community Bank

Client Profile

Founded in 2007, Black Hills Community Bank has served its community through its two locations in Rapid City and Spearfish, South Dakota. Most of the bank’s customers are local organizations that are relatively large, however they also serve many residents and help small businesses to get started or to properly maintain their finances.

The Problem

The Black Hills Community Bank is subject to intense compliance regulation regarding its cybersecurity measures, and therefore under great scrutiny to abide by these standards. To prevent financial loss, protect customer information, preserve their reputation, and remain compliant to government regulation standards, they can’t afford not to care about their cybersecurity.

When a commercial bank deals with several large and important commercial clients they need the support of a trustworthy, knowledgeable team of IT experts that can manage their technology systems. For this management, Blacks Hills has untrusted KT Connections to do the job.

The Solution

Instead of hiring an on-staff cybersecurity team, Black Hills Community Bank outsourced their IT security administration to the team at KT Connections.

Black Hills Community Bank has maintained a professional relationship with KT Connections since the bank’s inception. The same technicians here at KT have assisted the bank for over a decade now. As their needs have changed, KT Connections has always been there to meet them.

In addition to the network security, KT Connections also manages the computer systems, printers, and email for the bank. To remain proactive, KT Connections provides resources and guidance through IT consulting with recurring technology reviews.

I’ve put a lot of trust in KT Connections, to protect the things that really matter, such as our customer’s information