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Defend Your Business Against Ransomware with Advanced Email Protection

    In today’s digital era, safeguarding your business against evolving cyber threats is more crucial than ever. One challenge businesses run into is Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS), a destructive system where cybercriminals lease or purchase ransomware software to target organizations. Your business must have defenses, like Advanced Email Protection, to fight against this ever-growing threat.

    Ransomware as a Service (RaaS)

    Ransomware-as-a-Service is a cyber threat that allows even non-technical individuals to launch devastating ransomware attacks. These attacks involve encrypting critical data and demanding substantial ransoms for decryption keys, wreaking havoc on organizations. A decryption key is a specific piece of information or code that is used to unlock or decrypt sensitive information, such as text or files. When data is encrypted, it is transformed into a format that is unreadable without the corresponding decryption key.

    Recent Ransomware Attacks

    Every industry is susceptible to cyber attacks. In May of 2023, Rhysida, a new ransomware-as-a-service group made headlines for cyber attacks in the healthcare industry. According to the Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordination Center, the group drops an eponymous ransomware via phishing attacks and Cobalt Strike to breach their targets’ networks and deploy their payloads. 

    healthcare cybersecurity

    The group threatens to publicly distribute stolen data if a specific ransom is not paid. In this case, the ransomware leaves PDF notes on the affected folders, instructing the victims to contact the group via their online portal and pay in Bitcoin. So far, they have primarily attacked education, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology and managed service provider sectors.

    hacker demanding bitcoin ransom

    The level of brazen behavior with this group is truly astounding, highlighting the risk posed to legitimate businesses and their operations. The group has gone as far as branding their criminality with the Rhysida, a reference to the rhysida genus of centipede. Their website arrogantly lists the number of current auctions and total number of victims. They also brag about their endeavors with Rhysida centric news and media coverage, with details on how to contact the group so journalists, recovery firms, and their “fans” can reach out.

    Phishing is the Preferred Method for Cybercriminals

    Phishing seems to be the most popular method for deploying ransomware across target networks. Rhysida relied on phishing attacks and dropping payloads across compromised networks, like the Cobalt Strike method which involves using the popular tool used by cyber security teams to test the resilience of their cyber defenses as a reverse engineering method to find network vulnerabilities.

    Different Phishing Techniques

    Email Phishing

    This type of attack uses fraudulent hyperlinks to lure email recipients into sharing their personal information. Many times, attackers pretend to be a large service provider like Google, Microsoft, or in rare cases, a coworker.

    Malware Phishing

    Malware involves planting a malicious program typically disguised as an attachment in an email. In the matter of one click, your entire IT system could be compromised.

    Spear Phishing

    Unlike broad email phishing, spear phishing targets specific individuals by exploiting information gathered by spying on their jobs and social lives. These types of attacks are harder to detect due to the fact the technique is effective in bypassing basic cybersecurity protocols. 


    Whaling is when cybercriminals target a “big fish” like a business executive or celebrity. These bad actors have to perform significant research into their targets to find the right moment to steal login credentials or other sensitive information.


    Similar to standard phishing, smishing relates to SMS text message scams where victims can click on a bad link and have their data stolen.


    Vishing is probably the oldest form of electronic scamming on this list, with scammers working at fraudulent call centers to gather personal information over the phone. Sometimes, they even bait victims into installing malware on their phone in the form of an app.

    Advanced Email Protection

    Advanced Email Protection (AEP) serves as your initial line of defense against RaaS and other email-based threats. Rather than relying on a checklist, consider it a dynamic shield, adapting to the evolving threat landscape. Here’s how it operates:

    Advanced Email Protection works by providing real-time threat detection, phishing defenses, malware and ransomware blockades, and data loss prevention. Advanced Email Protection diligently scans incoming emails, tirelessly examining content, links, and attachments. Suspicious elements are swiftly flagged, preventing potential threats from infiltrating your network. Phishing is also a favored method for RaaS. AEP identifies and isolates phishing emails, safeguarding all your employees from falling victim to deceptive tactics. 

    Malware and Ransomware Blockades can recognize and intercept dangerous attachments and links, stopping ransomware in its tracks, right at the point of entry. Preserving sensitive data is paramount. Advanced Email Protection also helps preserve your sensitive data by preventing data breaches and minimizing the risk of extortion.

    Advanced Cybersecurity: Encryption and Digital Data Protection

    Why should your business invest in Advanced Email Protection services?

    In the battle against Ransomware-as-a-Service, a multi-layered security approach is essential. Advanced Email Protection provides a critical layer of safety, enhancing your overall cybersecurity strategy. RaaS attacks can cause huge disruptions to your business’s operations, leading to financial losses and reputational damage. Advanced Email Protection ensures business continuity by warding off attacks before they happen. Even the most vigilant employees can occasionally fall prey to cleverly disguised phishing emails. Advanced Email Protection acts as a safety net, catching threats that might slip past even the most watchful team members. Knowing that your business is defended against RaaS and email-based threats provides peace of mind. To battle cybercriminals, businesses must adopt a proactive approach to cybersecurity, with Advanced Email Protection as a cornerstone of their defense strategy. It’s not merely a precaution; it’s an imperative.

    Protect Your Business with KT Connections

    If you’re ready to bolster your email security defenses and shield your business from the menacing RaaS threat, consider partnering with KT Connections, your experts in IT security. We can help tailor advanced email protection strategies to suit your specific business needs. Embrace Advanced Email Protection and secure your business’s digital future today by teaming with KT Connections.