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Email Encryption: Bolster Your IT Security

    Today, we rely on sending and receiving information electronically. How many emails would you say you handle throughout any given day? Not an exorbitant amount, but what about your company? Each email has the potential to put your business at unknown risk. 

    When sharing information electronically, there is no shortage of cybercriminals who want to access your private information. To protect the information that you send and receive, we offer a comprehensive solution: email encryption. 

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    How Email Encryption Works

    Using email encryption, you can send and receive documents securely without running the risk of having that information intercepted. For many, a dedicated email encryption service can not only ensure that data gets to where it is directed securely, but it can also ensure that your organization stays in compliance with the regulations that you operate under.

    One of the major vectors of attack from scammers and hackers is an organization’s email. Phishing makes up for a sizable percentage of the digital threats the average small business must deal with.

    The threat of sensitive data being intercepted by a third party can be worrisome, especially if you deal with financial or health information. By deploying powerful and easy-to-use email encryption, any business has complete control over its email correspondence.

    Not only will your organization’s workers be able to send any email securely with the peace of mind that it is going to get to its destination as intended, but you are also able to monitor and scan incoming messages to eliminate spam, ensuring that the messages received are actually legitimate.

    Email Encryption and Compliance

    With more privacy legislation in the works, and compliance standards such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Payment Card Industry Digital Security Standard (PCI DSS) already in place, businesses that send and receive health and payment card information need to ensure that information they send and receive remains secure as it travels to the receiver.

    We want our clients to prioritize data security when they can, and by deploying our email encryption service you can do just that.