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Improve Productivity With Managed Microsoft 365

    Improve Productivity With Managed Microsoft 365

    Your business productivity relies on the proper tools. With Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) for business, you can access an entire suite of cloud-based application integrations. Complete the task at hand, no matter your location, on an all-in-one project management platform. 

    What is Microsoft 365?

    Microsoft Office has been one of the top productivity suites available on the market, delivering innovative applications for business. Designed to allow for seamless collaboration amongst your workforce, Microsoft 365 takes all the same applications that you’ve come to know and love and makes them available to you from anywhere through the cloud. This availability gives businesses the tools they need when they need them for pennies per day per user.

    Create, share, collaborate, and communicate with cloud-hosted solutions.

    What Apps are Included in Microsoft 365?

    With a Microsoft 365 subscription businesses can access an affordable alternative to the traditional Microsoft Office suite. 

    Microsoft 365 includes web and desktop versions of the applications suite with added encrypted storage to secure your information. Further, Microsoft guarantees that services will have 99.9% uptime, ensuring that your work is always accessible. Users can expect all the most recent versions of the Office apps including the following:

    • Word – Documents
    • Excel – Spreadsheet
    • PowerPoint – Presentations
    • Outlook – Email and Calendar
    • OneDrive – Data Storage 
    • Microsoft Teams – Virtual Meetings and Instant Messaging 

    Users can access these applications via any web browser from anywhere on any device. Additionally, each user gets five smartphones, five tablets, and five computer licenses as a part of their monthly subscription. This way, no matter where you are, whether you have access to the Internet or not, you can utilize Office apps.
    In addition to these apps a Microsoft 365 subscription includes access to the following PC-only applications:

    • Publisher – Page Layout and Design
    • Access – Database Management

    Microsoft 365 Managed Service

    Take full advantage of your investment in your Microsoft 365 subscription with our Managed Services.  

    Microsoft 365 gives your team what they need to stay productive, however, it does still require some regular maintenance and support. If you don’t have the internal IT staff to take on the management of your Microsoft 365 tenant, this process can drain your team’s time and energy. Allow us to lift that burden from your shoulders when you outsource your Microsoft 365 management to us.

    Microsoft 365’s Advanced Security Features

    Microsoft has a long history of keeping its users safe, and with Microsoft 365 Apps for Business, users get the best security experience available in any cloud-hosted productivity suite. Microsoft 365 Apps for Business includes: 

    • Advanced threat protection – The platform comes with antispam, antimalware, and anti-phishing protections as well as options for two-factor authentication to enhance users’ ability to stay secure. 

    • Data protection – Microsoft 365 Apps for Business includes message encryption, built-in data loss prevention, and options to archive data for enhanced data redundancy. 

    • Device management – Along with a comprehensive mobile device management platform, which provides a number of device management features for all user devices, there are also options for keeping devices updated properly, providing conditional access to certain devices, and the ability to secure data through advanced Bit locker encryption. 

    We know how important security is, and with Microsoft 365 Apps for Business, you will get the security you can depend on to keep your network and data safe. 

    Our setup for Microsoft 365 improves your efficiency by minimizing your licensing costs and maximizing your results. Our managed service will provide your business with industry-leading migration, administration, and help desk support: all custom to your unique requirements.

    Outfit your organization with the computing that you need to be more productive. The Microsoft 365 Apps for Business platform is one of many solutions we can implement designed to give your team the tools they need to succeed, regardless of where they work. Our team can help set up your business with the computing power that you need to boost productivity. Microsoft 365 is just one of many solutions we can implement that can give your team the tools they need to succeed, whether working onsite or remotely.