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IT Service Models Explained

    IT service can be quite expensive, even small office visits if often enough, can add up fast. Worse than this, the productivity and output of your team can come to a complete standstill if a piece of technology goes down when they rely on it to do their job. 

    The old break-fix model is outdated and not the best way for businesses to receive their IT service. We go into some of the reasons why in more detail and introduce the solution: our managed IT service. 

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    How Break-Fix Service Sells You Short

    With the break-fix model, IT companies typically provide their services to your business on an hourly basis. This is the bare minimum service offering, as your technology maintenance and management only come into the picture when something goes wrong.

    With break-fix service your IT partner company is always reacting to issues and never providing your business with proactive solutions – which could potentially eliminate the need to pick up the phone or put in a service request in the first place. 

    The break-fix model comes with many downsides. The most obvious is response time. When something goes wrong, you or one of your employees needs to reach out to technicians, explain your issues and schedule a time for a visit – and who knows how long it could take for a technician to become available when there are so many other clients to service. 

    How Managed IT Service Brings Better Results

    Rather than going through this whole scenario, it is possible with a managed IT service offering for us to resolve many of your issues through remote-in access.  By removing the need for an on-site visit, and reducing the time that a technician would traditionally spend traveling to visit your office location, the charge for each individual service can be reduced. Those savings eventually add up and make a noticeable difference. If there is no need for a technician to make a trip, there is no trip charge. This is just one of many benefits that remote-in support brings. 

    Secondly, with remote-in access, it is that much easier to identify and resolve issues faster. Time is money, every hour that passes by without a solution to your issue is money wasted paying unproductive employees. Further, we can set up certain alerting software to identify early signs of a system error before it goes down, your operations are affected, and you have a bad day. 

    Not all issues can be resolved remotely, infrastructure can break requiring a technician to come onsite. However, most of the issues that your staff are likely to encounter will be the sort that could be resolved with remote-in access, maximizing efficiency.

    The list of problems that we can detect remotely monitoring your system is lengthy, but include: 

    • Hard drive failure & fragmentation 
    • Disk space, memory, and CPU issues 
    • Failed/outdated windows updates 
    • Ransomware, malware, and spyware
    • Windows licensing & antivirus update issues 
    • Unexpected system hardware changes 

    Is a Managed IT Service Right for My Business?

    The managed IT service model is the best option, and we recommend it for small and medium-sized businesses that are either too small or simply don’t want the hassle of hiring additional staff just for IT. A managed IT service is key to growing any business.   

    The right service for you is the one that properly protects your business information and brand name, scales for the future, and increases your overall productivity.

    Is a Managed IT Service Really Worth it?

    We understand that an important part of running a business is managing the budget. This process of budget planning can become difficult when surprise costs and fees start to come into play. That’s what you get when you opt into a break-fix service model, and one of the main reasons why we recommend against it.  

    Yes, managed IT service can seem more expensive, as you must pay a monthly agreement fee rather than just pay for the service as you need it. However, when things break under the break-fix model, they can break badly and then you end up paying more with the additional costs that will accumulate due to downtime. Managed IT plans are consistent and much easier to count into your monthly expenditures than a technology service model that shoots up and down from month to month. 

    Why Choose KT Connections for Your Managed IT Service?

    We have designed our managed IT service model to try and alleviate many of the setbacks that reliance on technology can bring. In addition to responding to help desk requests, a managed IT service plan includes regular maintenance, keeping track of software updates, developing an IT strategy, regulatory compliance assistance, monitoring systems 24/7, managing data backup/recovery, troubleshooting with third-party vendors, as well as improving your overall information/data security. 

    As part of our managed IT service plan, we will ensure that your business goals and your IT goals are headed in the same direction. Your IT infrastructure needs to be properly optimized to enable technological advancement and operational growth.  

    By acting as an IT consultant for your business technology, we will assist you in developing a comprehensive plan to shape your IT strategy in both the short and long term. We will introduce you to innovative solutions and best practices, providing the training necessary for you to achieve a higher level of operational maturity.