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IT Support Helpdesk: An Effective Asset For Business Success

Internet Technology (IT) can be a tricky thing but with our IT helpdesk, you are in safe and capable hands. One of the best ways to maintain your technology, or fix issues when they arise, is to lean on an IT helpdesk. 

An IT helpdesk service enables a continued advancement of technology use in your business. We utilize modern strategies for modern problems to ensure your business is protected. 

Remote-In Service to Fix Issues Fast

It’s important to have a customer service experience that will be smooth and seamless to maintain customers. One of the main benefits of our IT helpdesk is that you will get the same reliable service through the helpdesk that you would if we dispatched technicians to your office, and you get it right away. Our strategically created workflow is maintained so that any time you need to rely on us for an IT issue, your issues will be addressed straight away.

How Remote Maintenance Works

This solution consists of: a desktop/laptop agent within the KT Connections technology platform with all of the intelligence built-in to conduct day-to-day preventive maintenance services, a bundled managed antivirus package, and remote access technologies.

We then generate detailed inventory reports and configurations related to all of the preventive maintenance activities conducted through the KT Connections Network Operations Center (NOC). We track serial numbers, license expirations, warranties, vendor information, detailed service responses, and much more. The platform comes with a built-in scripting engine and can also be used to deploy software applications remotely and automatically.

Unlimited 24/7 Support

You and your staff will be granted access to our help desk portal which will allow you to submit support tickets at any hour of the day, seven days a week. When your staff can get the support they need without worrying about racking up a hefty bill, IT issues get resolved much quicker and everybody can get back to work faster.

Our Help Desk consists of experienced level 2 or higher technicians with a wide range of technical knowledge and expertise. They’re dedicated to solving your support issues quickly in order to keep you and your employees up and running with minimal downtime. If your issues cannot be resolved remotely, we can work out an on-site visitation or escalate your requests as per your service level agreement.

Detecting Issues Early Saves You Time and Money

When a computer issue arises, to get it back up and running properly, you need to lean on expertise. An IT helpdesk removes those obstructions by delivering anytime/anywhere expertise to the people that need it. This direct line to certified remote technicians not only gets the issue remedied faster, but it also creates a log of each transaction, so your business knows what issues were addressed.

If you must continually deal with slow-moving parts, breakdowns, or areas that start and stop, then you will not get all the work that you need to get done. The result of having an around-the-clock solution for all your IT issues is that your IT functions better and potentially negative situations such as downtime are reduced or eliminated.

The fewer obstructions there are to productivity, the more productive your staff can be. The helpdesk can be integrated directly into your operational management software to give your employees direct access to a technician, setting them up for success. Many times, IT problems are just a matter of one machine acting wonky, but if the IT problem is big enough, it can change the way your business functions. IT issues like that, which likely start as small problems, can grind productivity to a halt. Employees get the job done faster and with greater ease when they have the proper IT support they need. 

With the IT helpdesk, small issues stay small and are mitigated quickly so they don’t turn into company-wide IT problems. Additionally, with the built-in reporting of the helpdesk, your IT administrator will be in the know about every problem with your company’s IT, no matter how small. Problems are inevitable, it’s how they are solved that matters most and that they are solved in a timely manner.

Access Industry-Leading Tools You Can Rely On

The IT helpdesk, with its reliable reporting, can help you identify the most frequent problems your business’ users have and help you build resources that can help them mitigate even more problems, reducing downtime and building the type of end-to-end efficiency you are looking for. 

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to your business’ IT issues, that also come with the promise of improving your ability to defend your business against IT challenges, look no further than our IT help desk. Service desks facilitate communication and collaboration between IT and other departments, helping to resolve and even avoid preventable glitches and breakdowns by helping you create, assign, track, and resolve tickets.

Simplify IT with a Single Point of Contact

Helpdesks serve as a hub for all your organization’s hardware and software assets, as well as any relevant contracts, enabling easy information retrieval, asset valuation, configuration, maintenance, and more at a predictable response time.

Helpdesks standardize IT processes according to ITIL (ITSM best practices) guidelines, enabling better IT-related strategy planning and tracking. Helpdesks collect and store the data from issues, products, and performance results, enabling easier analysis that informs smarter, uniform IT decisions.

The helpdesk is the primary point of contact between the organization and the technology it interacts with. It is the driving force enabling businesses to harness technological innovations to improve productivity and enable updated, usable, and safe 21st-century workflows. Helpdesks take a broad approach to IT management, establishing, implementing, and overseeing business strategies, addressing business technology needs within their own purview so that business processes run as smoothly and technologically soundly as possible.