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Managed Firewall:
Empower a Digital Transformation

IT environments are always evolving. Companies that depend on technology to run face a whole series of threats from all sides. Therefore, a comprehensive security solution is a necessity. Without one, a business is at risk from malicious attacks and bad actors.

Safeguarding your entire IT network, a next-generation firewall works by analyzing the data flowing in and out of your network to recognize threats and keep them locked out. If you want a secure and dependent IT infrastructure, a next-generation firewall is a great start.

Why a Firewall Needs to be Managed
When implementing a firewall solution, you’ll want to be sure that it is configured correctly and maintained with the necessary updates. After all, an unmanaged firewall can be almost as bad as no firewall at all.

Our Managed Firewall service will take all the worries off your back. We will set you up with a properly configured next-generation firewall defense system, creating a secure IT network for your business in the rapidly changing environment. With this installed, coupled with the service and oversight of our certified technicians, your business will be set with an industry-leading security solution.

As part of this service, we can see and control your business’ network traffic and monitor the system’s performance for incident detection, then provide remediation and industry-leading threat protection.

– Superior Visibility and Control
– Higher Performance

New threats are always emerging. Our next-generation firewall solution is built to leverage advanced analysis tools to inspect communication streams as they flow through the network. With continued threat intelligence updates and automated mitigations, we can keep you protected from advanced attacks.

A managed firewall with us ensures you get the greatest value from your next-generation firewall. Our highly trained and certified engineers will install and configure your equipment to meet your specific needs.

Rely on our technical team to provide around-the-clock support for any hardware issues with the firewall. As part of this service, we will also perform remediation of spyware, adware, and viruses before they cause serious damage to your network.

Next-Generation Firewall Features
Intrusion Detection and Prevention: monitors network traffic for malicious activity or policy violations. Once detected, the firewall can block the malicious traffic from ever entering the network and then report it to the network administrator for further analysis and action.

  • Load Balancing: allows distribution of traffic between multiple servers to ensure that they do not get overloaded with requests. It also incorporates failovers, where if a server fails, rerouting the traffic to the secondary server. So, if your company servers get an unusually high amount of traffic, the load balancer can distribute it evenly amongst them. In the case that one server fails, all traffic can be routed to the other server.
  • VPN: encrypts traffic and data to and from your network. Without a VPN, anything you do or send over the Internet can be plucked, viewed, and even rerouted without your knowledge. Using a VPN wraps the data in an encrypted tunnel, so if/when data is intercepted, the data/information is hidden from being viewed (appearing like senseless gibberish) except by the sender and the intended receiver.
  • Web-Filtering: allows your administrators to block risky websites, as well as sites that are known to be major timewasters, like social media and gaming sites. Spam filtering goes even further by blocking spam emails from getting through your network and hitting your inbox (one of the most common ways that malware infects a computer).
  • Application Control: monitors the resource usage and typical behaviors of your organization’s applications. After it understands these applications, it optimizes caching behaviors, loadouts, and quality of service (QoS). This feature will also flag irregularities in application use, adding an additional security layer.

Effective protection is an absolute necessity in today’s world of rapidly growing cyber threats. To protect your business assets a secure, reliable network infrastructure is a must.

You can’t afford to choose between adequate security and improved network performance. Your business needs both and with our Managed Firewall service that’s exactly what you get.

Compliance-Ready: In many industries, network security is required. We will work with you to meet compliance standards such as HIPAA or PCI-DSS, practicing the necessary methods.