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Primero Insurance Company

Client Profile

Primero was found in 2003 and is an auto insurer providing service to drivers in Arizona, Nevada, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Primero strives to bring affordable rates and convenience to their clients.

The Problem

As a fully digital company, Primero depends on technology to sustain its operations. 24/7 accessibility is crucial for policyholders, agents, employees, and various state entities. This makes it especially important that Primero’s systems are secure and compliant.

As the rules and regulations around insurance have expanded in complexity, compliance has never been more important. Primero wanted a fast, secure, flexible environment to grow its capabilities. They wanted a local company with ample experience in assisting with meeting regulation standards. After scouting options throughout the region, the insurance provider contacted KT Connections.

The Solution

After working with various departments at KT to establish goals, requirements, and budget, Primero quickly upgraded its technological toolset. Primero now uses Azure cloud services and Microsoft 365 business productivity solutions, enabling the team anywhere, anytime access to their system.

During the transition, KT Connections migrated seven servers to the Azure cloud and made sure they were fully updated to Microsoft Server 2019 and Microsoft SQL Server 2017. As for its in-house infrastructure, all systems had remote monitoring software installed along with next-generation firewalls and endpoint security.

Moving forward, an in-house technician will continue to handle minor issues that arise, but KT Connections will take care of everything on the network and system administration side including workstations, wireless connections, firewalls, servers and network switches, cloud solutions, and necessary user profiles. With KT Connections continuing to maintain its network infrastructure and enhanced security, the likelihood of disruptions has significantly diminished for Primero.

KTC has a great team. From top to bottom, all levels of interaction have been positive. They are a crucial component of our enterprise.