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Proactive IT: Keep Your Technology Working

    For today’s business, technology plays a key role. Unfortunately, technology is prone to malfunction. A malfunction means downtime. At KT Connections, we know that the more you can ward against downtime, the more successful your endeavor will be. To alleviate this issue, we offer comprehensive monitoring and management services that keep your technology functioning properly, helping your business meet its goals. 

    With our innovative technology, we can remotely monitor all your hardware and network all the time. This service helps your business reduce downtime, and therefore saves you money. The better your business’ technology functions, the more opportunity for your entire business to be productive.

    Table of Contents

    Hardware Support

    Unfortunately, all technology eventually fails. Computers are complex machines that aren’t designed to last forever. With proactive maintenance that has been made possible by constantly monitoring hardware, however, issues that could impede production or the efficient delivery of service can be remediated prior to any total breakdown of the technology. 

    More than that, if a piece of crucial technology were about to fail, replacing that technology before it causes unexpected downtime puts your business in a position to maintain profitability rather than sacrificing it. 

    The remote management of your business’ technology ensures that you aren’t just fixing an issue, it ensures that knowledgeable IT professionals have oversight over your entire IT infrastructure including network switches, modems, routers, workstations, and servers. 

    A single instance of technology failure can cost your business dearly, the more you can avoid those circumstances, the better.

    Network Support

    Nowadays, a business should be very concerned with their cybersecurity, as a data breach can result in some very significant financial loss.

    Our cybersecurity team works to protect your business against the myriad of cyber threats out there. The most valuable tool to protect our client’s business is our remote monitoring and management software. With it we can track: 

    • Bandwidth usage – How your network-connected devices function can reveal inefficiencies.

    • Application performance – Software needs to function properly for your business to be efficient.

    • Network configuration – There are a lot of diverse types of devices connected to your network, by monitoring how your network is configured, we can manage it more effectively. 

    Additionally, many security-related problems happen because of the exploitation of unpatched software vulnerabilities. Our remote monitoring and management system allows us to efficiently manage your software updates. By having up-to-date software, you remove a good amount of gaps in your network defenses.