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VoIP Phone: A Powerful, Robust Communication Platform

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    VoIP Phone: A Powerful, Robust Communication Platform

    Does your business have trouble with its phone systems? A traditional telephone system is only present in 30% of businesses today, so there is plenty of those out there who have found value in another, more modernized option.

    Thanks to Voice over IP (VoIP), more businesses than ever are using the Internet to take advantage of more dynamic phone systems fitted with advanced features. Here are some ways that your business can use a VoIP phone system to improve operations.

    What is VoIP?
    VoIP provides businesses a means to make and receive calls from anywhere they can access the Internet by replacing the standard analog phone line with a digital broadband connection. With little or no more domestic long-distance charges, along with a litany of other benefits, VoIP has exploded in popularity with businesses large and small.

    VoIP makes it much easier to relocate within the office than a more traditional phone as there is no need to accommodate another dedicated phone line or change an extension. Save money and gain more flexibility with our VoIP phones.

    Less Complex Infrastructure
    Remember when you first planned out the floor plan of your business’s office? You might recall how big of a pain it was to run wires all around your office beforehand, including the troublesome task of adding to this existing infrastructure in the event of growth.

    There are plenty of concerns when considering moving away from a physical telephone system. For example, this change could be quite expensive, and difficult to implement.

    The ideal solution would eliminate these concerns altogether. With a VoIP phone system, you won’t need to run new telephone wires every time a new user is added, or you purchase new handsets. Instead, since VoIP runs on your internet connection, it’s just a matter of adding another user to your application program.

    Total Flexibility
    Even if you have a wireless phone in your office, chances are that it has a limited range and that you can’t take it on the road when you’re on the road or around town. There must be a better option.

    VoIP runs in the cloud so you can implement it on a variety of devices. For example, you could use your work telephone number through a software application on your desktop or laptop, from a hardware solution like a physical handset, or even on your smartphone while out of the office. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your employees or customers, even when you’re away from the physical office. If you want remote or mobile capabilities for your work phone, VoIP is the ideal solution for you.

    Voice-over IP uses your local area network (LAN) to transmit data and doesn’t require extra phone lines to be run through your office. There are many types of configurations, ranging from the phone being plugged between your network drop and your workstation, to WiFi-based phone stations that just need to be in the range of your wireless network. 

    The flexibility of VoIP doesn’t end in the office; your phone can go with you wherever you need to go, so long as you have a broadband connection or are in a WiFi hotspot. This means your customers and employees can stay in touch just by calling your company’s business phone.

    VoIP will bridge the gap between your phone system and other communication platforms. With advanced features such as conferencing, voicemail to email, call forwarding, call recording, and mobile device applications, a VoIP phone is a great tool for anyone looking for a cost-effective, efficient, and simple to use business phone solution.