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VoIP Phone Analytics: Improve Your Business Strategy

As businesses have advanced, modern technologies have allowed for better decisions through the collection and analysis of analytics. One overlooked source of analytics can be your phone system if your VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system tracks analytics. 

KT Connections can help your business deploy the infrastructure to make more informed decisions about processes and goals. 

Analytics is a fancy word for data, specifically, data that can give your business specific insights into strategy considerations. This allows you to make smarter decisions based on established patterns, rather than just intuition. 

Let’s look at a few real-world scenarios where VoIP analytics would come into play.

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Call Center Tracking

The analytics from your VoIP solution can allow you to track which clients take up the most time on the phone, letting you know that these clients may need some extra assistance, or may be encountering an as-yet-unidentified issue.  

If this information is leveraged and helps free up your support staff, they will be more able to attend to your other clients’ needs. Many customer relationship management systems can be integrated into the mix as well, and in some situations, you could track call data back into your CRM.

Sales Commission and Goals

As far as outbound calls are concerned, VoIP gives you the ability to factor call analytics into your commission model and can collect improved data on what is necessary to complete a conversion.

As a result, VoIP lends some assistance to manage your sales team and allows for the ability to streamline sales. Track the duration of a call, the number of follow-ups, and the overall hours that go into a sale.

Vendor Relationship Insights

VoIP can help keep your calls under control, especially concerning your vendor relationships. Do you have a feeling your employees are getting stuck on the phone during their interactions with your suppliers? VoIP allows you to record the conversation and note how much time is wasted during these talks. 

In short, VoIP allows you to collect invaluable data to inform your business strategy, allowing you to move away from guessing based on gut feelings. Our VoIP platform is scalable, highly accessible, and gives your business the insights needed for growth and productivity.