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Building a Secure Remote Work Environment for Your Team

    With the rise of remote work, cybercriminals have more avenues than ever before to attack your systems and mine your data. While flexibility and employee work-life balance are beneficial to productivity, weaker network security, outdated and vulnerable hardware, and little to no security monitoring are some of the many contributing factors that make remote workers ideal targets for phishing scams and other security attacks. This ever-present threat makes effective cyber security measures essential to your business’s success and growth. Luckily, KT Connections provides cyber security solutions to make sure your team remains safe and secure in the office or working from home.

    Email Encryption

    Email encryption safeguards your critical information from data breaches, ensuring your clients receive updates on their projects or sensitive information without any extra eyes taking a peek. With email encryption, your business is set up with a gateway solution to:

    • Protect your inboxes from unwanted spam.
    • Detects and prevents email threats like phishing scams.
    • Enforce company policies to protect user data.
    A woman checks her email inbox on her laptop

    You can even set up advanced policies to give employees an alert when emails come from addresses outside of your network or when they are about to send an email to an unknown contact, further reducing the risk of sensitive data ending up in the wrong hands.

    Endpoint Protection

    With the increasing use of mobile devices and the trend toward remote working, endpoint protection (EPP) has become an essential component of an organization’s overall cybersecurity strategy. EPP works with both network and device-level defenses. At the network level, a company may restrict access based on a device’s compliance with set security policies and privileges. Blocking at-risk devices from the network can restrict an attacker’s ability to access sensitive information.

    Organizations may also install security software directly on an employee’s device. This allows the organization to monitor and protect devices that may not always be connected directly to the network such as a company-provided laptop.

    Devices that you can implement endpoint protection on include:

    • Laptops
    • Cellphones
    • Desktop Computers
    • Tablets
    • Other Connected Devices
    A man works from home on his laptop

    Endpoint protection provides another line of defense for your remote employees from phishing scams, malware attacks, and ransomware.

    Next-Generation Firewalls

    Your network’s firewall is the first line of defense against cyber intrusions and is one of the most important components of EPP you can set up for remote employees. Whether you set up security software on provided laptops or have your remote workers sign into a virtual machine, a firewall provides a wide array of benefits to protect your data that include:

    • Blocking malicious access
    • Preventing malware infections
    • Controlling data flow
    • Monitoring network activity
    Shield graphic shown above laptop to depict computer security

    Security Operations as a Service (SOC)

    For business owners looking for a one-stop shop for their cyber security solutions, KT Connections can remotely monitor all of your software, workstations, and servers for any unusual conditions. Through our remote login tool, we can access any managed PC, allowing our techs to navigate and quickly fix potentially critical issues.

    A cyber security professional working on some code.

    While there is no perfect system for cyber security, implementing tools like EPP, email encryption, firewalls, and security services, along with raising awareness among your employees, can go a long way to making your company more secure and less likely to fall victim to cyber crimes and scams.

    To learn more about how KT Connections can protect your company from cyber criminals targeting your remote workers, contact our experienced team of IT professionals today!