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Fisher Beverage Co.

    The Big 'WHY'

    In the modern business landscape, effective IT infrastructure is paramount for sustaining operational efficiency, security, and growth. Fisher Beverage, a prominent player in the distribution sector, recognized the importance of robust IT solutions to increase their operational effectiveness and elevate their services. Partnering with KT Connections as their Managed Services Provider (MSP), Fisher Beverage began addressing various IT challenges, thereby enhancing their competitiveness and customer satisfaction. This following article will explore the central IT issues faced by Fisher Beverage and the solutions implemented by our dedicated team of IT professionals.

    Professional Email Addresses


    Fisher Beverage lacked email addresses that represented their business name. They relied on email addresses provided by their Internet Service Provider (ISP), leading to confusion among clients and compromising the professionalism and security of communication channels.


    Our team implemented standardized email addresses for all members of the organization, ensuring consistency and professionalism. This not only enhanced brand image but also strengthened email security through standardized authentication protocols and encryption mechanisms available through Microsoft 365 and Acronis Advanced Email Security.

    Commercial Grade Wireless Equipment and Security


    Fisher Beverage’s consumer-grade wireless network was vulnerable to security breaches, potentially exposing sensitive data due to unauthorized access and the use of personal devices on the production network, and did not allow users to seamlessly transfer between access points.


    We deployed commercial-grade wireless equipment fortified with advanced security features. By segregating guest networks from internal operations, we mitigated the risk of public access threats while optimizing network performance. Access points were installed strategically throughout the facility to provide reliable connectivity to Fisher Beverage’s business-critical wireless devices.

    Person receiving a security alert because their device is compromised.

    Server Operating System Upgrades and Secure Offsite Backups


    Outdated server operating systems posed security risks and operational inefficiencies for Fisher Beverage. Additionally, inadequate backup mechanisms jeopardized data integrity and recovery capabilities.


    Our team executed comprehensive server operating system upgrades, ensuring adherence to the latest security patches and performance enhancements. Simultaneously, we implemented secure offsite backups leveraging encrypted connections and redundant storage facilities, safeguarding critical data against potential disasters or cyber threats.

    Vulnerability Detection and Patching


    Fisher Beverage faced challenges in identifying and remedying vulnerabilities within their IT infrastructure, leaving them susceptible to cyber threats and compliance issues.


    Leveraging proactive vulnerability scanning tools and automated patch management systems, we conducted regular assessments to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities promptly. By adopting a preemptive approach, we fortified Fisher Beverage’s defenses against emerging threats and ensured compliance with industry regulations.

    Software Vendor Management


    Fisher Beverage struggled with managing various software vendors, leading to inefficiencies, licensing discrepancies, and compatibility issues.


    Our MSP facilitated centralized software vendor management, consolidating licensing agreements, optimizing software utilization, and ensuring seamless integration across platforms. By fostering a strategic partnership, we streamlined software procurement processes while enhancing operational agility and cost-effectiveness.

    IT Professionals at an MSP working with Tech Vendors to secure up to date machinery for their client.

    24 / 7 IT Support


    Fisher Beverage encountered operational disruptions and productivity losses due to the absence of timely IT support, particularly outside regular business hours.


    KT Connections provides dedicated helpdesk and after-hours support, offering swift resolution to IT-related issues and minimizing downtime. Through proactive monitoring and remote assistance, we ensured uninterrupted operations and maximize workforce productivity.

    Our Conclusion

    The partnership between Fisher Beverage and KT Connections exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic IT solutions on distribution efficiency and customer satisfaction. By addressing key IT challenges, including email standardization, wireless security, server upgrades, backup solutions, vulnerability management, vendor coordination, and 24×7 support, we have empowered Fisher Beverage to thrive in a dynamic marketplace while upholding the highest standards of performance, security, and reliability. As technology continues to evolve, our commitment to innovation and excellence remains unwavering, driving sustainable growth for our valued clients.

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