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Westhills Village Retirement Community

Client Profile

Westhills Village was founded in 1984 and offers independent senior living, retirement community, assisted living, and health care services in Rapid City. Westhills Village provides a continuing care program that ensures retirement community living that brings residents comfort without forfeiting their privacy or dignity.

The Problem

The technology leveraged by Westhills Village in daily operations is crucial to their ability to function effectively. From correspondence to billing and accounting, to the care and safety clients require, the amount and frequency of technology used by staff are substantial.

Westhills Village’s need for a comprehensive IT management service became apparent as they continued to grow, and therefore their technology needs. Once Westhills Village was introduced to KT Connections it quickly became clear that they were the right fit.

The Solution

Since signing with KT Connections, day-to-day operations have become easier to manage and Westhills Village has enjoyed improved network stability.

Westhills Village has gone from leveraging 40 workstations to leveraging 120, a transition that KT Connections was able to make seamless. Furthermore, KT Connections has assisted Westhills Village in making the necessary technology expansions to accommodate this growth.

One project involved installing a VoIP solution, a paging system, and the necessary network switch infrastructure when Westhills Village expanded its assisted living space and offices. Not only was the new VoIP solution installed, secured, and configured properly, this task was accomplished in-budget and without any business interruptions.

I think they’ve been a really dependable group to work with, and I know we can count on them when we have trouble - or even just want to plan for upgrades and things like that in the future.

– Jennifer Gaskins, IT Coordinator for Westhills Village Retirement Community