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Westhills Village Retirement Community


Westhills Village is an established retirement community located in Rapid City, South Dakota. Westhills Village has been working with KT Connections since 2003, prior to signing up for a managed services contract. Westhills Village has leaned on KT Connections expertise for years for a variety of IT needs including new servers, ticket management and Microsoft suite management. Westhills Village decided that signing up for managed services with KT Connections would be the best option to ensure Westhills Village is completely covered with their IT needs.   

Westhills Village was established in 1984 and is a continuing care community. They offer independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing. They have over 40 townhomes, 187 apartments, 44 assisted living apartments and 44 bed skilled nursing facility. 

With over 250 employees at any given moment, Westhills Village is capable of providing great care and housing for hundreds of residents.

The Story Of WVRC

Recognizing the need for a middle income retirement option for the Rapid City area, a volunteer Board of Directors invested time and passion to form a non-profit life planning retirement community. Westhills Village was then born in 1984, with Apartments and the Westhills Village Health Care Facility. 

In 2005, an expansion and redesign began on Westhills Village Health Care Facility. With the completion of this project, Westhills Village Health Care became one of the premier health care facilities in the State of South Dakota.

Because the board saw the need for additional options in retirement living, construction began on the first 24 Villas at Westhills in May 2003, and on another nine in Fall 2006, bringing the number of Villas to the present total of 33.

In the fall of 2008 Westhills Village Clarkson Health Care began a construction project to continue a legacy of innovation founded by the Clarkson Family. Over the next 18 -24 months Clarkson Health Care was completely reconstructed from the ground up, showcasing larger and more spacious resident suites within a neighborhood concept. Additionally, a state-of-the-art therapy gym was created to assist rehabilitating residents in maximizing their full potential to return home. The capital project was an investment of 7 million dollars.

In July of 2010, Westhills Village embarked on a major overhaul of its upper and lower Commons Areas. This monumental project improved not only the look and feel of the facility, but also added a swimming pool, expanded fitness center, game room, and theater. The Dining Room, Pantry, Woodshop, and office areas were also re-worked; a new front entrance with a covered canopy completed the list of improvements. The project was completed in May 2013 and Westhills Village once again proved its commitment to lifestyle quality and staying current with the needs of retirees both today and into the future.

In late summer of 2020, Westhills Village completed construction of “The Cottages” – twinhomes designed to offer convenient and independent single level living on the Westhills campus.

Additionally in 2021, Westhills Village became part of the voluntary Black Hills Energy Renewable Ready Program to further their mission in support of green initiatives.  Over sixty percent of the electrical power to their facilities is provided through this sustainable energy solution utilizing wind energy. 

Westhills Village now offers independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing. They have over 40 townhomes, 187 apartments, 44 assisted living apartments and 44 bed skilled nursing facility. With over 250 employees at any given moment, Westhills Village is capable of providing great care and housing for hundreds of residents.

The Opportunity

Around 2003, KT Connections started introducing their services to Westhills Village. KT Connections provided expertise and services surrounding various IT needs for the entire system and for personnel systems. Westhills Village still had an internal team of IT professionals but the level of work started to reach the limits of their IT personnel.  Around 2012, Westhills Village realized that their IT needs showed no sign of slowing down and would need even more help from KT Connections. That is when they decided to engage in a Managed Services contract with KT Connections. 

I think they’ve been a really dependable group to work with, and I know we can count on them when we have trouble - or even just want to plan for upgrades and things like that in the future.

Why KT Connections?

Having worked with KT Connections for so many years, it was really a no brainer that they would want to continue with the good work KT Connections has provided. They saw that KT Connections offers completely managed IT services in which they would no longer need so many internal IT personnel. Additionally, Westhills Village knew that their IT infrastructure was going to need to be upgraded sooner than later and so they would also need KT Connections for those eventual replacements. 

How KT Connections Responded

KT Connections was more than happy to expand their services for Westhills Village! Having worked with Westhills Village for so long, they were glad to offer and implement all their services and expertise to further progress Westhills Villages efforts and capabilities. 

KT Connections explained and helped implement the managed services within the Westhills Village team and infrastructure as soon as the contract was finalized. They immediately began acting, almost completely, as the IT department for Westhills Village. Any and all issues and needs regarding IT would be handled by KT Connections and their expert technicians. From network security and access control to server monitoring and risk analysis, KT Connections handles it all for Westhills Village. 

When larger needs arise, KT Connections is also there. For instance, Westhills Village recently needed to update their server. For a business that nearly runs completely off of their server, this was a big project for Westhills Village. KT Connections researched and proposed the best server for Westhills Village. They then seamlessly installed and transferred all data from the old server to the new one without any major issues. 

The Results

Since signing up for Managed Services, Westhills Village has been able to continue to provide the best facilities and care for their residents without many hiccups. KT Connections is not just a provider but a partner for Westhills Village, working to handle any and all IT related issues. KT Connections has helped implement a more integrated, faster and seamless IT system throughout the various facilities for employees and residents.

From a complete server failure to a simple issue with a laptop, KT Connections has been handling any and all issues for Westhills Village. The result is that residents are happier, the facility runs smoothly and Westhills Village can focus on what makes them a premier health care facility in all of South Dakota.

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