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An Introduction To MSPs

Your business can do more with the right kind of support. Every year comes with updates to your IT environment. How do you ensure that you always get the support you need to accommodate these changes?

The improper management of your technology will sooner or later come back to haunt you and your business’s success. Inefficient systems will end up costing you more money as you continue to kick that can down the road. You need peace of mind knowing that your technology is under wraps so that you can focus on the responsibilities of running a business. That’s where a managed service provider comes in.

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What is a Managed Service Provider?

A managed service provider (MSP) takes a proactive approach to the management of your technology infrastructure using advanced monitoring toolsets. A business that chooses to outsource its IT service to an MSP can benefit in several ways through this proactive approach. 

As a new client, one thing you will notice right away is the vast reduction in the need to react to issues, as they are resolved without you even noticing, with no interruption to your operations. 

What is a Service Level Agreement?

At the core of managed service lies the service level agreement (SLA) which dictates how and when the MSP will respond to your needs. The agreement will be decided based on the individual situation of your business and what kind of service it requires.

With the old IT model of break/fix services, there is no service level agreement and therefore no guaranteed timeframe of when your issues will be resolved. The other thing about this outdated service model is that it first requires an issue to arise (large enough for you to notice) before any action is taken. With managed services, the MSP is alerted to issues early and can step in with the solution before things get out of hand.

What are the Benefits of Partnering with an MSP?

Just like large enterprises, small businesses are dependent on technology to operate efficiently and compete effectively. However, many small businesses can’t afford to hire the team members onto their staff to properly provide them with the resources required to keep their technology systems maintained.

If your team is overwhelmed, failing to keep up with the demands of your IT infrastructure, this situation will only compound over time into something that is completely out of hand. The trend towards Managed IT Services is not just a recent phase, all industries are moving in this direction already.

What Services Does an MSP Provide?

Our managed IT service consists of the following solutions: 

  • Strategic Consulting & Planning
  • Unlimited Helpdesk Support
  • Onsite Support*
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Patch Management
  • Vulnerability Scanning & Remediation
  • Vendor Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance
  • Endpoint Anti-Malware
  • Managed Enterprise Firewall

*may be limited by distance

With managed services, all these solutions (and more) are available to your business at an affordable flat-rate monthly fee. 

Keep in mind, that many businesses may not need all these services listed. We’ll always find the right amount and type of solution for you on an individual basis and ensure that you are only being charged for the services you need. Further, should you need more solutions in the future, or vice versa, we can scale up or down your service agreement as needed.

Partnering with an MSP allows you to fit every technology need into your budget. There’s a reason why managed services are the way of the future: it simplifies things for the provider and the client in every way, providing streamlined services – packaged together for each individual company depending on their industry, size, location, and other defining factors.

Don’t let your technology get ahead of you, manage it with the right assistance. Contact us today to learn about our comprehensive and complete managed service plan.